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Reclaim the VAT and Cut Business Costs

Stay in control of your company’s travel and entertainment expenses.


Are you faced with the burden of managing your VAT? VAT rates can be as high as 27%; businesses that do not effectively manage their VAT can miss out on significant savings as well as risk facing tax exposure.

VAT recovery is a complex process that often requires a major investment of time and resources. VAT rules are constantly changing and because VAT is recoverable, companies need to understand the different methods and conditions for recovering VAT.

Our Solution

Taxback International is a global leader in local and foreign automated VAT recovery. Our proprietary software automates the VAT recovery process by extracting data quickly and accurately, and automatically processing the data for submission to the tax authorities.

By combining our global expertise with our automated VAT recovery process we can radically reduce the time taken to submit claims and for you to receive reimbursement.

We recover VAT for you worldwide from a range of expenses such as:

  • Trade fair and conference costs,
  • Meals, accommodation and business entertainment,
  • Travel and transport costs,
  • Advertising and promotional costs,
  • Professional services,
  • Inter-company expenses,
  • And many additional expenses.

We take care of the VAT reclaim process from start to finish so that our client can stay focused on their core business activities.

We can help you claim back VAT from 43 countries worldwide

The charts below outline examples of some of the major business expenses that are eligible for VAT refunds. This is only a general guide, please contact us for specific information for your business.

Some of our specialized industries:

vat recovery for haulage companiesvat recovery for motorsport companies


How it works

Using our proprietary software, Integrated Data Capture module, we automatically connect to your expense management system to identify and extract the data required quickly and accurately. Allowing us to automatically process the data for submission to the tax authorities.

Our VAT specialists;

  1. Access the reclaim value,
  2. Handle all the paperwork,
  3. Liaise with the tax office,
  4. Send you your VAT refund.

Reclaim your VAT in three simple steps:

    2Send Foreign
    VAT Refund


Using Taxback International as your business VAT recovery provider ensures a range of benefits including:

  • Reduced overseas business costs,
  • No risk with free refund estimate & contingency pricing,
  • Frees up internal resources,
  • Efficient and maximized refunds,
  • Full transparency, control and tracking,
  • Fully managed multi- lingual process with local support.

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If you are ready to take full advantage of your VAT recovery opportunity, manage costs with minimum effort and gain full visibility to the entire process, get in touch and start maximising your savings today.


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