Receipt Auditing

Ensure Compliance according to YOUR Policy!

Stay in control of your company’s travel and entertainment expenses.

Depend on Taxback International to catch what is falling through the digital cracks.


With so many high level travel and expense transactions there is often risk associated with expense incompliancy.

Are you worried about inaccurate expense reports? Are your employee’s expenses compliant to you companies travel policy not to mention the numerous ever changing VAT regulations?

Expense management systems cannot audit paper receipts for expense claim accuracy and travel policy compliance, which can leave you out of control resulting in missed opportunities to maximize VAT recovery.

Our Solution

Taxback International enables your company to manage the risk associated with travel and expense transactions while also maximising the recovery of local and foreign VAT.

How it works

Our proprietary software Our Technology uses its integrated data capture to pull data across from your EMS quickly and efficiently. Taxback International expense auditors then use their expertise and a keen eye to match hard copy receipts with those entered into the expense reporting system, verify expenses that match your company travel policy, ensure that necessary receipts are filed and examine any suspicious purchases. This function requires a human touch and therefore eludes auditing software programs.

We audit your expenses to ensure;

  • Policy compliance,
  • Expense claim accuracy,
  • We combat fraud,
  • and ensure maximum VAT recovery.


  • Boost compliance to travel policy
  • Increase efficiency - decrease audit timelines and redirect employee resources to other tasks.
  • Gain control - gain increased control of the expense management process by easily and quickly ensuring that expenses are within corporate policy.
  • Improve compliance to VAT regulations - VAT laws change rapidly in every country, Taxback International, has the local expertise to keep on top of these regulations.
  • Maximise VAT recovery

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Ensure your corporate policies are reinforced and control employee spends with receipt auditing.

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