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Calculate your potential VAT on the go with our Free VAT Calculator

Here at Taxback International we are constantly striving to improve our services, at the forefront of this is an ethos to constantly seek new ways to innovate. This is what drove us forward when it came to improving the vat reclaim process for our clients. We learned from our clients that they wanted to calculate their potential vat reclaim amount while on the go.

The app allows you to easily calculate your potential VAT reclaim based on actual spend, expense type and country when traveling abroad, all in real time. This keeps our clients up to date, informed and most importantly saves them time.

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Features of Pocket VAT

  • 1Calculate Potential VAT
  • 2VAT Rates
  • 3Examples of VAT Reclaim by Country

Benefits of Pocket VAT

  • VAT Calculations Made Simple
  • Tips on VAT Rates and Distance Selling
  • Thresholds
  • Increased Employee Engagement with T&E Reclaim
  • Improved Visibility

How it works

how it works
how it works
how it works

Select Origin Country from the drop down list


Select Country of Destination from the drop down list


Select an ‘Expense type’ from the drop down menu:

  • Advertising
  • Car hire
  • Fuel
  • Hotel
  • Printing and Stationery
  • Meals
  • Telecoms
  • Conferences
  • Public Transport

Enter the amount incurred in the provided field


Simply press the plus button to calculate your potential VAT return


To add additional line simply, fill in the form again and press the plus sign.


Now watch your total potential VAT reclaim increase

This FREE APP is ideal for all business people who travel abroad with work.

Why not try it out and find out what you’re leaving behind download now from Google play and or the App store for free.

android app iphone app

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