Social Responsibility

Smarter VAT Solutions

The Taxback International Code of Conduct sets out to establish the standards we expect of our employees when engaging in corporate activities. Taxback International shall act in accordance with accepted social ethics and in full compliance with the law.


Our Focus on Sustainability

We employ the highest calibre of professionals ensuring that knowledge and expertise are the cornerstones of our service delivery. Our in-house experts embrace a diversity of VAT recovery, compliance, consultancy, review and receipt auditing.

Our vision for a sustainable society is one where Planet (Environment), People (Society) and Profit (Economic activities) exist in perfect harmony. We are committed to establishing and maintaining environmentally sustainable business practices within our own operations and encourage our clients and suppliers to do the same. In order to realise this vision, our aim is to minimise our impact on the environmental by reducing energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, waste reduction and other green activities. We endeavour to create a business model that reduces our carbon footprint while maximising our economic value and net contribution within society.

We promote these principles in the manner that we deliver our services to our clients while maintaining the belief that every company has a responsibility to its community to achieve sustainable growth and value.

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